Zelda Fanfiction

Kutoof Alwazir

The Legend of Zelda:

Twilight Princess

(Disclaimer: I do not own Zelda. I am simply creating my own version of the video game.)



A masked figure dressed in royal deep blue scaled the walls of the castle. They dashed swiftly, knowing their way around the palace, each step quiet and soft. Guards stood alert, walking through the massive stonewalls. The masked figure was always able to escape the aware eyes of the guards.

Out of the castle, the concealed individual dashed away towards the forest, jumping from branch to branch barely moving the leaves. Once she was deep within the forest, Zelda, the beloved jewel of Hyrule, removed her mask. She smiled at herself, proud she had beat her previous record.

The Royal family consisted of two important members, Zelda and her father, the King. The King was respected by most of his people, but he had a few rivalries with other rulers from distant lands. His daughter, Zelda was in training to assist and soon take over her father’s job as Queen of Hyrule.

The Kingdom of Hyrule was a beautiful place rich with greens, expansive lakes, great valleys, massive mountains, barren deserts, cities, villages, and beautiful ancient temples all across the terrain. The Kingdom was ruled by the Royal Family, whom were descendents of the goddess Hylia.

Zelda continued her stroll around the forest enjoying the peacefulness of it and the overwhelming smell of bark and greens. Her cobalt eyes observing her surroundings and her pointed ears always on high alert. Her long dirty blonde hair, braided neatly down her back, swished behind her. Zelda continued walking throughout the forest, lost in her own thoughts, becoming less aware of her surroundings and feeling a little sad. She always felt alone even when she spent time with Impaz, her caretaker.

Zelda never had a motherly figure, her own mother died of unknown causes. Impaz nurtured Zelda when she was an infant, played with her when she was a toddler, educated her when she was a child, gossiped with her when she was a teenager, and became her best friend when she became an adult. Zelda loved Impaz for her individuality and strength, but she also loved her because Impaz, against the King’s orders, trained and taught Zelda the techniques of ‘Sheikah’

Sheikah is an old ancient clan of ninja like warriors who protect the Royal Family. Impaz, a Sheikah herself, believes that training Zelda to fight for herself is a crucial part of surviving and being independent. Zelda loved being able to fight for herself, but most importantly, she loved being strong. Impaz was happy that Zelda was enthusiastic about learning the techniques of the Sheikah clan strengthening their bond together.

While Zelda walked aimlessly through the forest, a large figure lurked clumsily through keeping its eyes on Zelda. The large being appeared to be a green troll-like-beast. Its face was ugly with tiny beaded eyes, yellow tinted teeth, a long snout similar to that of a pig, and clumsy ears that flapped at the side of its enormous head. The troll tightened its grip on his club and charged at Zelda screaming into the night shattering all silence. Zelda immediately whipped into action and centered her attention on the ugly beast. She ran at it, and when they became close enough, threw two powdered bombs at his feet, concealing all of his sight.

She distanced herself from it and heard its frustrations, she smiled; proud that she tricked the mindless creature. Her lips turned into a sudden frown though, her eyes noticed that the forest was being concealed by a strange kind of darkness. It was a similar darkness to after a rainy day; the sun cast a yellowish tint to the gloom. It was twilight darkness.

Zelda remained calm and she took a shuriken out of her pocket and threw it skillfully at the beast, killing it instantly. The beast evaporated into a dark smoke. Zelda was confused, the strange twilight darkness was still there and she had thought it would disappear after she had killed the beast. She closed her eyes and heightened the sense of her hearing. She focused beyond the quietness of the forest and detected unpleasant noise.

It was a screeching disturbing noise that came from a group of creatures. The sound pierced through the forest; a combination of dying animals and war cries filled Zelda’s ears and her eyes snapped open. It sounded like there was about a hundred of them and they we were running towards her direction. She put her mask back on and dashed in their direction. She thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to put her training into action. There was no fear in her heart, she was over confident in herself, her feet stumping against the forest grounds. The closer she got to the massive group of beasts; she took out her short dagger, preparing herself for the ultimate fight.

When they came into sight, she was presented with a massive amount of greenish beasts, similar to the one she had encountered earlier, carrying different forms of weapons. A slither of worry ran through her body but she ignored it and continued charging towards them. When she was close enough, she threw gas bombs at them while jumping onto a branch. She situated herself onto the branch and threw a couple of shuriken at a handful of the beasts, turning them into vapor. The trolls attempted to climb the tree but failed to do so. Instead, they threw their weapons aiming closely at her. She avoided all of them and managed to kill a few more. She jumped off the branch landing on a clear spot near the beasts. She took out her dagger and started slicing and stabbing them.

They were evaporating by the dozen but it seemed like a never-ending battle. Zelda was avoiding all of their attack until one beast beat its club against her back. She gaped at the pain and fell forward. One of the beasts kicked her in the stomach and she coughed up blood. She rolled away attempting to stand up but another beast grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. She screamed at the pain and started to lose consciousness. She blinked back the black spots clouding her vision and once again tried to stand up. This time a beast took his club and smashed it against her face knocking her out.



Zelda peeled her eyes open, blinking and adjusting the bright yet clam sunlight to her vision. She felt warm and comfortable and stayed there for a bit longer, closing her eyes again and taking in the warmth.

She stretched her body and her eyes opened wide with the memories of last night coming into play. She tried standing up but lost her balance. She attempted again but once again lost her footing. Zelda started panting and yelping. She stopped. She noticed her body wasn’t her own. Peering at her hands, she noticed they were now paws.

At that moment Zelda did what she does best: she remained calm. She took a deep breath and lifted herself with her front paws and then with her back. She adjusted herself and took small steps, trying to get used to the new sensation. It surprisingly didn’t take long. She noticed she was no longer in the same forest as she was last night. She wasn’t sure which part of Hyrule she was in. She continued walking and smelled fresh water near and noticed her throat was dry. She trotted towards the fresh lake water and was relieved when she had arrived quickly.

She dipped her snout into the clean cool water and took plentiful gulps of water. She lifted her head glanced down at herself. Her eyes were the same cobalt color but bigger and brighter. Her fur was a beautiful golden color with specks of white. On her forehead, there appeared Hyrule’s triangle symbol. Zelda was now a fox: a vixen.



Zelda ran through the unfamiliar forest trying to use her senses to guide her back to Hyrule castle. She needed to find Impaz, and she needed to find her fast.

Zelda noticed that the eerie twilight darkness still encompassed the land. She didn’t understand why this darkness had fallen upon her kingdom, but being a fox would not prevent her from finding out. She caught onto the familiar scent of Hyrule’s food and followed it. She eventually arrived in the castle square and stopped. People would not react well to a fox. She stayed hidden on the outskirts and pondered on a plan.

Suddenly she heard a high-pitched scream and winced at the pain rushing through her head.

“Mama, mama look!!!”

“Sweetie, that’s a fox, stay away from it!”

The mother grabbed her son away from Zelda. She had been spotted.

Soon enough, the Hyrule guards came rushing to the golden fox. Zelda growled at them and they were not hesitant to hold the fox against her will and place a muzzle on her beautiful snout.



Zelda was now placed in the dungeon of her own castle. She paced back and forth not understanding how this came about. She needed to think of a plan and she needed to think of one quick. She needed to get to Impaz, but how?

“I think you look prettier as a fox.”

Zelda turned around at the voice. It came from a weird tiny floating thing with a round white stomach, slim minuscule legs and arms, and a head that was too big for its body. The strange creature giggled at Zelda.

“Well this is going to be tough to fix. My name is Midna by the way, I’m the Twilight Princess and you Zelda, are the chosen warrior to save me.”












Narrative Poem



Her reflection stared back.

Olive skin, dark eyes, chapped lips.

A scarf, so beautiful, rested upon her hair.


She turned – leaving her comfort,

Determination in her stride


Her school now looked back at her:

Shock. Disgust. Fear. Sympathy


She averted her eyes.

Snickers, whispers, outcalls:

They all surrounded her.


She finally looked up,

Three girls smiled at her,

Took her by her hand,

And shoved her into a locker.


The girl with the veil

Looked back again at the unclear mirror:

Could no longer see herself with her hair in view.

Halloween Scare!

As we come to a close end to the scariest/busiest month of the year, Halloween is just around the corner! During these last few days, little kids go from door to door collecting their candy rotting their teeth. Teens go out and party, dressing in costumes that may be revealing to banana suites that just crack you up.

However you like to “celebrate” Halloween, it is important to do it right. Meaning: You gotta get SCARED! A few suggestions to tingle your fears, I recommend grabbing a couple of your friends and going out to an amusement park where they do special events just for Halloween!

For example, KingsDominion opens at 7pm till midnight keeping most their rides open and running while the rest of the park is decorated in terrifying props of rats, blood, webs, etc. Scare zones, each with a different theme from Carnival to Tribal to Fairies, are set through out the park where random people jump at you and screech in your ears.

If you don’t want to be scared out of your pants, then simply don’t act scared or screech back at them!

Another fun scare fest is the classic Haunted Forest. Again, come with a group of friends and make sure to have a buddy! You’ll be walking through the forest in the middle of the night and it’s mainly pitch black with little candles guiding your way.  The Haunted Forest is much scarier and even if you don’t act scared, the characters will try to terrify you even more.

Regardless of what you guys  do with your Halloween plans, I hope you have a terrifying one!

What do you guys usually do during Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

Dear October,

I understand that everyone says “Virginia weather is so bipolar” but honestly, it is already October 17 and I have most of my fall clothes with me back from home and I would like to get the opportunity to wear them. So please, I would appreciate it if it wasn’t so warm and so sunny anymore because according to science, Summer is over!

October needs to be crispy, a little breezy with a hint of sunlight, and filled with beautiful crumpled up leaves. So please, I ask again that you keep the weather below 70 degrees.

Thank you for your corporation.


The general population of Virginia.

The Story by Amy Bloom

When first reading this short story, I did not expect any of it. I was confused and couldn’t follow along. It felt choppy and random as if the author had wrote it into different diary entries. The character herself was rather interesting and different. I didn’t quite understand what her occupation was but I know that she had a rather tough life. Her parents were dead, she had a miscarriage, and her husband whom she didn’t even love, died of cancer. She meets new neighbors with drama filled lives. I felt like she was just living in their lives, similar to reality TV shows. The terrible part is that she instigated a lot of the events that happened and she did not care. Her neighbors filled some sort of void and she was willing to take it and ruin another family for her own pleasure. She’s definitely not one of my favorite characters.