Twine Game

I’ve created my first twine game!

It’s still a bit rough and needs much editing but here’s my first result!

Let me know what you guys think/have any questions in the comment box down below!


Learning/coding HTML is probably one of the most interesting things that we’ve been working on in Digital Studies. With websites such as CoAcademy and TeamTreeHouse, anyone can learn how to code and make HTML.

It’s a great resource for our modern day time to help us understand how the computer/internet work. To go beyond the search engine and into the complexity that makes up the world wide web. With knowing how to manipulate HTML, people have the ability to create and make their own websites. Even beyond that, users can personalize their webpages to their own liking.

It is definitely a useful tool to know for future and possible job opportunities. It’s fun and with practice can be easy to use.

What are your opinions, interests, dislikes, etc. on HTML? Share in the comments down below!

Tearing apart the Boulder

An exciting new project that my group and I have been working on is taking apart an old Verizon phone, best known as the Boulder. I’ll be focusing on the camera module and battery. The aim is to pick 10 different objects that seem to be interesting to us and we have to do research on them. Our job is to find out when, where, how, about our devices. Future updates will be posted